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About Us

At Irys, we're committed to solving complex challenges with innovative solutions. Our approach encompasses a spectrum of strategic areas each designed to propel us toward a more secure, efficient, and connected future.
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Who we are
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Irys is shaping the future by developing forward-thinking solutions for today's and tomorrow's challenges.
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Irys, initially known as Cityflag, started by addressing the pressing need for increased civic participation and more effective communication between communities and local governments. The company's innovative approach began with the successful development and deployment of the311SA app for the City of San Antonio. This gamified platform revolutionized the way residents reported and managed issues such as potholes and other urban concerns, marking Irys's entry into the technology solutions sector.
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Global Impact

The company's scope and vision quickly expanded as it embarked on projects beyond municipal governments. Notably, Irys played a role in international environmental efforts such as COP26, highlighting its growing global impact. Additionally, a significant partnership was formed with Arcadis, a leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets.This collaboration focused on community engagement applications, further extending Irys' reach into infrastructure planning and policy design. In tandem with these ventures, Irys caught the attention of investors, securing funding that bolstered its technological and market expansion capabilities. This financial support was a testament to the confidence in Irys' vision and its potential to make substantial contributions to community-driven infrastructure and policy development.
03 — Strategy


The acquisition of DTSI represented a strategic milestone, marrying Irys' innovative product-driven approach with DTSI's established services in the IT sector. This move not only diversified Irys' portfolio but also solidified its position in the market as a formidable provider of comprehensive tech solutions, especially to the Department of Defense. Through this acquisition, Irys strengthened its capabilities, expanded its market reach, and enhanced its product offerings, demonstrating a forward-thinking  approach to addressing the evolving needs of civic technology and infrastructure development.
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We work with U.S. state, local, federal, and DoD agencies as well as private sector organizations.
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02 — System Reliability for critical DoD communications and infrastructure systems


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Transformative Power
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Dive into our case studies to witness the transformative power of Irys' solutions in action. From enhancing cybersecurity defenses to revolutionizing operational maintenance, our case studies showcase the measurable impact of our work on the efficiency, security, and quality of life within the federal, defense, and commercial sectors.
June 21, 2024


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June 21, 2024


↘ Cloud modernization and management of the entire enterprise solution.
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