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//Irys Expands Capabilities & Market Reach Through Strategic DTSI Acquisition
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In an exciting development for the tech and government service sectors, Irys has officially acquired DTSI. This strategic move combines Irys’s innovative digital products with DTSI’s comprehensive IT and service solutions for government entities.

The acquisition is more than a growth strategy; it’s a fusion of expertise and technology that will redefine efficiency and connectivity for organizations worldwide.

Revolutionize the Tech Landscape
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Unlocking New Possibilities

//With the strategic acquisition of DTSI, Irys amplifies its capabilities, setting the stage for a new era of comprehensive tech solutions.

Modernization & Innovation
By integrating Irys’s advanced technologies with DTSI’s comprehensive services, we are at the forefront of IT modernization, reinforcing our commitment to robust cybersecurity measures in an era where digital security is paramount.
Market Expansion
This acquisition unlocks access to new markets and diversifies our clientele, spanning government, defense, and the AEC sector, by capitalizing on established trust and an expanded portfolio.
Revenue Stability
Our joint approach paves the way for a more predictable revenue model, emphasizing product-driven solutions that promise long-term growth and client engagement.
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//Digital Transformation

At Irys, we specialize in pioneering digital transformation solutions designed to streamline communications and enhance maintenance and operational efficiency for a variety of sectors.

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//Operational Excellence

DTSI excels in delivering comprehensive IT services, offering innovative solutions that go beyond organizational workflows to drive technological advancement and strategic growth.

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